Independent TV-production company based in Faaborg, Denmark, owned by Flemming Helsted.
Founded by Flemming in 2003, 2009-2011 part of STV Mayday.

Postal address
Documentary.dk Prices Havevej 10 DK-5600 Faaborg

e-mail: flemming@documentary.dk
phone: +45 20 16 20 43
skype name: flemminghelsted

1964: Born in Copenhagen
Abitur, Nordfyns Gymnasium
1983 - 1988:
Bartender, Nursery-ass, Malling; Student at Ask Højskole, Byhøjskolen, Århus and Landvolkshochschule Feuerstein, Forcheim; Unskilled worker at the papermill, Helpston, UK; storeman; fitter; press-activist; nursing aide...
1985 - 1986:
Statskundskab, Aarhus University
Journalist, Danmarks Medie- og journalisthøjskole, Aarhus
1992 - 1994:
Journalist (reporter, newspaper), Holbæk Amts Venstreblad
1994 - 1998:
TV-producer, Delta TV Production
1998 - 2002:
Freelance-journalist – text & photo-reportage
2003 - 2010:
Producer & owner, Documentary.dk, Faaborg
2009 - 2011:
Head of Documentaries, STV Mayday.
2011 - today: Producer & owner, Documentary.dk, Faaborg


My passion:
Stories based on evidence

NOTHING BEATS REALITY: Maybe, somewhere deep down, I’m a lacy man. I see no point in reinventing the world every time I tell a story. The evidence is here, right in front of you, everywhere I go. See it, pay attention, listen. Smell it, sense it – analyze it. And tell your story.

OBSERVING IS SEING THE INVISIBLE: At the same time, I'm a very curios man. OK, interviews is a great tool to get factual knowledge and the past revisited. But in order to cover the present day and interaction between people, observatory tools are required.
The story gets accurate and the observatory documentary is the viewers gateway to the NOW of the story. The viewer is on the front row watching as the story plays it’s plot. The result is communication to feelings and guts – not restricted to intellectual goodies. 

SINCE 2003 Documentary.dk and Flemming Helsted has produced more than 60 educational documentaries for DR2, Danish National Television. At the same time series of corporate films and education projects has seen daylight – communicated through film, web, magazines and books.

NEW FRONTIERS – Significant for the work delivered by Documentary.dk is the ability to develop the right tool to the right task. We often combine knowledge from scientific areas with our own journalistic approach to find the right answers. For instance we have developed new formats, combining observatory documentary with sociology in order to x-ray cultures in private organisations.

Pasted Graphic
Dokumentarfilm er at indfange og formidle et nu
en start, en midte og en slutning. Ind i mellem er alt der skal til bare en komponist (Henrik Melander), et kor og en koncertsal (Ollerup Efterskole), to dygtige sangere (Helene Blum & Anders Pedersen) og en ny hymne, der skal indspilles.

Tre timers optagelse samlet i 10 minutters reportage p
å film. Helt, helt stille, en fastholdelse af et vigtigt øjeblik for dem, der var med. Produceret for bandet Sunday Karma og vist ved indvielsen af Helios Film- og Kulturhus i Faaborg i oktober 2016. Se med her: